Download select images via PhotoShelter invitation

If you received an email invite from Djuna with the subject line “Download Image Gallery”, and you wish to download select images, this doc is for you. It provides step-by-step instructions on downloading high-resolution, non-watermarked images to your hard drive, one-by-one. If you wish to download all images in a gallery or collection, see this post.

Step 1: Open Email Link

Open your email invitation (example below) and click the link provided.

This example invites a client to a “collection” of “galleries”. You may have received a collection invitation, or an invitation to a single gallery. Instructions are much the same, with a few differences highlighted below.

Step 2: Log in

The invitation link should direct you to a login screen (below). If you are a new user, log in with the email address where you received the invitation and a password of your choosing. If you are a returning user, enter your previously chosen password, or follow the link for “Forgot Your Password?”, which will email you a new password. Logging in directly will bring you to Step 3: Access Your Invitation.

In some cases, you will not be routed to a login screen. You may instead find yourself at the image collection or gallery to which you’ve been invited. If you have been invited to a collection, click a gallery thumbnail to access a gallery. Otherwise, you will skip this sub-step.

In our collection invitation example, we’ll click the “Hobbits” thumbnail to access the Hobbits gallery.

Look to the area highlighted yellow (below). If you see a button for “DOWNLOAD ALL” you are already logged in with download access. Skip directly to Step 4: Download Images.

If you don’t see a download button, select “client login” from the “photo archive” dropdown menu at the top right of the screen…

Your goal at this point is to reach a login page. If you reach an “Account Info” page (below), click log out, then select “client login” from the “photo archive” menu again.

At the login page, enter the email address  from your invitation and a new password.

Step 3: Access Your Invitation

The login screen will direct you to your account page (below). Click “My Gallery Invitations”…

…and on the following screen select the gallery (or collection) from which you wish to download images…

Step 4: Download Images

Following our collection example, you must click a thumbnail to enter a gallery. If you’ve clicked an invitation to a gallery, you will be routed directly to a gallery page.

For this example, we’ll enter the Manggarai gallery.

Browse thumbnails to select the image you would like to download. Here we’ll choose the first image of Wae Rebo village.

On the image page, click the “DOWNLOAD IMAGE” button.

You now have a choice of download resolutions. Choose “Original file” for the highest resolution available. All download options except for the 500-pixel comp will be free of watermarks.

Select “Save File” to save file to disk.

To download other images, return to the gallery or collection, open other image pages and select “DOWNLOAD IMAGE”.


If you’re having trouble, don’t hesitate to contact Djuna.