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DjunaPix offers a growing image library focused on Indonesia. We cater to businesses, NGOs, government bodies and publications seeking top-quality images of landscapes, environment, culture, architecture, design, tourism and hospitality.

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Our archive continues to be updated from files and fresh shoots, and keywording is a work in progress. If your Advanced Image Search doesn’t turn up the results you’re after, try browsing images by Region or Theme, or by category in our Design + Hospitality collection. We also offer special catalogs for Wall Art and Patterns + Backgrounds.

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We offer three ways to use images:

Clicking “Add to Cart” brings up a price calculator for a Rights Managed license.

#1 – Rights Managed (RM) License

As a premium license, RM offers exclusive use within your industry or region. This is the “default” license for all images. Each license covers single use of a single image, and is specific to type of use, size, print run, duration and other factors. Prices are based on industry-wide averages, discounted 25%.

On a tight budget?

Some magazine placements secured under Rights Managed licenses.

#2 – Royalty Free (RF) Subscription

As an economy license, an RF Subscription allows you to pay one low fee to use one image, or a set of images, many times, in many media, over a fixed period of time.

RF licenses don’t offer exclusivity. Their benefits are affordability and flexibility for small organizations.

Get in touch to negotiate a Royalty Free Subscription.

Swiss Contact purchased a Royalty Free license for 50 images for varied uses to support tourism development and promotion in Flores and Komodo.

#3 – Archive Subscription

An Archive Subscription offers a trusted client a backdoor pass to our catalog. Meet last-minute deadlines by downloading high-end, hi-res images at any time, day or night.

Subscriptions spur creativity, along with deep savings. Each plan is tailored to each organization, based on needs. Two examples…

A magazine launches a one-year Archive Subscription with a Rp5.000.000 deposit. Editors get one year of download access, plus Rp5.000.000 credit toward volume-discounted space rates. After credit has been used up, editors can continue to download and use images. Further invoices (billed at those same discounted rates) will be due upon publication.

An NGO buys a two-year Archive Subscription at a fixed fee, opting for a quarterly payment plan. The fee covers use of any image for the NGO’s websites, social networks, newsletters, proposals, press releases, brochures, postcards, posters, banners, presentations, slideshows and video productions. At one budget-friendly price, the NGO enjoys a motherlode of images. The comms team cycles fresh content through its web presence, and launches catchy campaigns that attract both funders and changemakers.

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Dream Weddings Bali Style enjoys discounts and easy access with an Archive Subscription at DjunaPix.